Crème de la Crème Animal Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not for profit animal foundation. Many years before the start of the organization our founder was an active member within the animal rescue world.  After many years of fostering for other organizations, the time became right to start a new organization.  This organization is unique and to be like no other, as we strive to not only rescue animals, and educate the public about humane treatment to animals, but to also incorporate Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) interventions into the rescue work.  Serving two great needs to the community.

For over 10 years, our farm has served as a retirement community for dozens of animals great and small.  Regardless of the species, we have taken in almost any animal in need. Our current animal population ranges from horse to emus to alpacas. Among our residents are one buffalo, one camel, two highlanders, one Mongolian yak, four potbelly pigs, two donkeys, four horses, three ponies, six miniature horses, and a herd of sheep and goats. Oops! Almost forgot the menagerie of birds!!! Three turkeys, two geese, two pigeons, six chickens and two ducks. Our farm animals are all residents and are not among our adoptive population. Our farm family enjoys their lives in a safe caring environment. They are a harmonious group to say the least.   On most days they can be seen together “pigging out” and, on a good day, lying in the sun.

Our dog and cat population are among our adoptable animals.  Among this population we also have a handful of “resident animals” because of various disabilities, medical conditions or special circumstances. It is our hope to find loving homes for all companion animals that come are way, but this is not always possible given their previous circumstances.

We are currently responsible for over 100 animals taken in for abuse, neglect, loss and relinquishment.  We serve the wellness of rescued animals at all costs. On a daily basis, we struggle with many of the basic challenges involved in animal rescue and education.

Our rescue cycle typically involves the process and costs of intake, vaccinations, surgeries (i.e., spay/neuter), appropriate diet, preventative medications, chronic illness medications (e.g. thyroid conditions, arthritis), and the emotional healing and rehabilitation of the animals.2020-top-rated-awards-badge-hi-res